Monday, October 12, 2015

New out OCTOBER 16th

NEW SERIES-The O'Connors

First Novella is FREE

[caption id="attachment_103" align="alignnone" width="199"]First Novella of O'Connors Series First Novella of O'Connor Series[/caption]

Her Sweet Complication

North Dakota resident Jocelyn Charles has a life mission. Get her degree and help women and children work through violent acts committed against them. Jocelyn believes that there is no reason one person should inflict pain on another person purposely.

Young rancher Liam O’Connor has a mission. Leave his sister in California at college and go gain experience on a larger spread than his father’s so he can one day, run his own ranch.
From the moment Jocelyn meets Liam, the sparks and libido ignite.

Everyone knows long distance relationships never work. Right?

And how can Jocelyn reconcile her feelings for Liam and stick to her goals when Liam has openly admitted his commitment to a traditional lifestyle?

Jocelyn wants no complications.
Liam is a huge complication.
He is positive there is a solution,
She is not so sure.


  1. would love to follow the other O'Connors - Cian/Molly and Kelli/Porter or any of the others ….any chance that the rest may agree to books. Love this family!

  2. Carol,
    Thank you so much for reading these books. Yes, the series has been approved for the rest of the siblings so Quinlan and Cheyenne are being written, then Kelli's story and finally Cian's. Quinlan should be ready by June or July.

    IN the meantime, I have Taming Texanna, a Historical Western coming out by Mid May, I hope.

    Thanks again for reading my books!