Sunday, April 16, 2017

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Easter at Our House

Hello from Alaska,

We never know what the weather will be in Alaska for Easter. This year is looks to be partially sunny and in the 50's. 

We celebrate the holiness of the day and we enjoy family and friends. The grandchildren enjoy baskets carefully filled by the Easter Bunny. 

Breakfast this year is Scotch Eggs. 

Lunch is served at two in the afternoon. On the menu this year is:

Ham and Lamb are the main course. 

Sides include:
Corn, Asparagus
Pasta salad,  Potato salad, Green salad and Froggie Eye salad.

Plenty of Deviled eggs my mother always has for her Easter as I was growing up.

 My grandmother's homemade yeast rolls, a tradition we proudly carry on.

  Dessert is angel food cake, fresh fruit, and whipped cream

Tell us about your celebration!

Happy Easter to you and yours!


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