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Kellli and Parker- the story begins...




Book One in the Kelli and Parker Story 

Coming May 25th


Out May 25th

On the Back Cover:

Kelli doesn’t trust her choices with men, but Parker Jamison heats her blood like no other.

Kelli O’Connor learned long ago to stay away from domineering men like the males in her family. While trying to refocus her rudderless life, she meets Parker Jamison, Chief Deputy Sheriff.  He is hot on every level but he represents everything she’s been running from and yet she can’t get enough of him. Even though their lives are so different, walking away from him is unimaginable. 
Compromise, however, has never been acceptable in Kelli’s life. She has to make a decision.
        Parker’s goal is to meet all of Kelli’s needs, even the ones she has no idea she has. He puts rules in place to help her gain back contentment and order in her life but Kelli pushes back, hard. He can’t let her win. Their future happiness depends upon her capitulation.

Can she accept that Parker is the key to satisfying her needs and desires, or will she drop tail and run, losing the best thing she’s likely ever to have?


DISCLAIMER:  This book contains elements of power exchange, domestic discipline, and sexual scenes including anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.


 Here is a preview Snippet:
Parker starts early learning about his wayward and feisty O'Connor Woman.

“Miss O’Connor, do you realize you were twelve miles over the speed limit?”
“Eleven.” The word leaped from her tongue. Horrified, she wanted to bite that offensive member into submission as she slapped her hand hard over her mouth.
She immediately dropped her hand because it had hurt. Biting her lip instead, she tried to look contrite, “Yes, sir. I mean, not until you put your lights on and then I looked down. I’m sorry, I know you won’t believe me now but I honestly try to go the speed limit.  Growing up in my house speeding was a safety violation punishable by… ” Kelli had almost not stopped herself. Where was that damn filter when you needed it?
If Parker noticed the apparent abrupt ending to her sentence, he didn’t say anything but Kelli could have sworn his mouth kicked up at the corners. “Did you know that anything over 10 miles in excess of the speed limit was a mandatory court hearing?”
“Oh Lord. Well, I go to court all the time, just not for myself. At least I know a good lawyer.” Kelly thought she was lessening the tension, but a quick look at Parker’s face told her she was missing the mark, profoundly. “I guess you’d better give me the darn ticket and the court date and I’ll show up. Diabhal é.”
Then forgetting that he didn’t speak Gaelic, she automatically covered her mouth again. After processing she was safe from detection, she sighed with relief. However, the word was close enough to allow the sound and the ‘oops’ reaction to most likely inform his thoughts because he gave her another quelling look.
“We mail those to your address, but your ticket I can give you now.”
“No!” she squealed, “I mean, can’t you just give it to me or let me go pick it up?”
Parker laughed then, “Sounds like you expect a bit of retribution if it gets mailed to the ranch, am I right?”
“Something like that.” Now she was irritated.  “Please, Parker, err, Officer, um Deputy. You have no idea the fireworks that will go off if Liam or Ciarán get hold of this.”
“Well, how about I write it for nine miles over instead of eleven and you pay the rest in swat equity.”
“What? Swat equity, what is that?”
“It’s where you pay for your crime by taking swats.”
“Get serious.”
“Dead serious here, young lady. You seriously need a spanking. You let me take the extra two miles over off of your butt or I will deliver the summons myself when I know you are not home. Am I clearly understood now? You have no business speeding, let alone twice in one afternoon.”
“Uh, yeah, I mean no. I mean what the hell?”
“Just say no and I’ll be glad to deliver your court appearance. It would be better anyway.”
“Why are you doing this to me?”
“Because, sweetheart, you need to know people care about you and if something happened to you they would be devastated.  And because I believe you’ve been able to skate around things for a long time. I’ve had conversations with your brothers from time to time. They love you but you’re a bit wild. You’re in my jurisdiction now and we keep our citizens safe, even if it is from themselves. Now, what’s it to be? Summons or spanking?”


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