Thursday, May 25, 2017

Kelli-Book 1 and 2 are out!

Meeting Her Needs  

Meeting Her Needs

Kelli doesn’t trust her choices with men, but Parker Jamison heats her blood like no other.
Kelli O’Connor learned long ago to stay away from domineering men like the males in her family. While trying to refocus her rudderless life, she meets Parker Jamison, Chief Deputy Sheriff.  He is hot on every level but he represents everything she’s been running from and yet she can’t get enough of him. Even though their lives are so different, walking away from him is unimaginable. Compromise, however, has never been acceptable in Kelli’s life. She has to make a decision.
Parker’s goal is to meet all of Kelli’s needs, even the ones she has no idea she has. He puts rules in place to help her gain back contentment and order in her life but Kelli pushes back, hard. He can’t let her win. Their future happiness depends upon her capitulation.
Can she accept that Parker is the key to satisfying her needs and desires, or will she drop tail and run, losing the best thing she’s likely ever to have?


Kelli O’Connor grew up on a ranch full of exasperating brothers, all with an overabundance of testosterone. She’s spent her whole adult life trying to avoid macho men, but she found no other man heated her blood like ultra-masculine Sheriff’s Deputy Parker Jamison, especially when he kissed.
Parker fell in love with his feisty woman the moment he caught her breaking the law. Kelli’s skills as a legal assistant were unparalleled, but she took too many chances with her safety. Those risks ultimately exposed her secret to Parker and his brand of solution.
When her desire to help assault victims becomes dangerous and overrides her sense of self-preservation, Parker decides it’s time to step in and teach his fiancée how to follow his rules. His first lesson will be to show her that submitting to him does not demean her as a woman and could only enhance her enjoyment of life both in and out of the bedroom.
DISCLAIMER:  This book contains elements of power exchange, domestic discipline, and sexual scenes including anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.

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