Saturday, June 10, 2017


He rescued her from death but then walked away.

Will she rescue him from a life worse than death?

One without her in it?

The strategy of Love

 by Alyssa Bailey

One of 25 stories by 25 bestselling authors


 Photojournalist and University adjunct Professor Kayla Rhea, loved her humanitarian work in Africa. She loved it even after her father and brothers told her to find another region to visit. Even after her kidnapping and subsequent rescue by Hunter Barrett, the face of a man she hasn’t yet been able to tuck away with the memories of that experience. She needs closure before she can move on.


When her ex-military father encourages her to come to a benefit, she agrees. When she meets the man behind the Barrett Family Foundation, it is none other than the Ranger who saved her two years ago. One look and she knew she would never be able to lock him away with those memories. She needed him too much.  


Jonathan Hunter Barrett, III, now in civilian life can’t forget the woman he rescued during his last “boots on the ground” military mission. He had not spoken to her since that fateful day two years ago, but he had seen her in his dreams every night.

It was true, Barrett Engineering and the Barrett Family Foundation kept him busy but the face of Kayla Rhea with her stubborn innocence kept him hostage. He dabbled in a handful of one-night stands since the mission, trying to rid himself of her hold, without success. 


He always got what he went after

Therefore, he hatched a plan to remedy his problem. Bring her to him and test the connection. He knew life must go on, so it was more than time to claim Kayla Rhea or purge her from his life forever. 


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